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Auki's Life. Some reasons that my life is a Reality Show

- I'm living in a world which everyone knows everyone… Probably they cast just a small group of 50 people maximum. Even in the other side of the world, in Australia, I met people who was my classmate in the 80's or daughter of my mum's friend in the 70's. I met my 20years-lost childhood friend, crossing George Street in Sydney.  

- Every week I'm involved in a major conflict of some sort. Sometimes I'm directly involved, sometimes someone dragged me into. If my week was pretty relaxed, somehow in the end someone nice turned into a super crazy people and do some weird things which I can't understand why.

- I have a lot of friends who has trying to turn me into an alcoholic. That's a very common technique of realities shows to establish their conflicts. The "hangout" usually is in the same place, same street, same people there…

- Family and friends in Brazil calling or dropping by in Sydney randomly or in the right time when I must need them…

- I have a seasonal taste for music, and most of this music becomes a theme or soundtrack of something or a period. 

- I have special episodes: "Xmas on the beach", "New Year's Eve Reunion in Paris", "Wild Easter Holidays in South America", "The Dutch week" (Endemol is Ducth… that's why!)

- The easy things they never happen to me. On the other hand, the crazy things ALWAYS happen to me.

- I had the impression that the peak success or the best moment of some friends, ex-boyfriends and co-workers is when I am around or involved. They became ugly, fat, uninteresting when I catch them up later… 

- Too much coincidence I was born in that year. I saw the beginning of the internet, the golden age of games, the last real princess, the geo-location devices, the best sitcoms ever…

- Probably my reality show began in Brazil, for portuguese speakers, but suddenly turned into a huge success overseas and that's why I need to talk in English all the time and they increase the budget of the scenography. 

And, sorry for my English mistakes. I'm trying to speak another language which is not mine. You should know how hard it is. But, I'm sure, they are putting some subtitles when I am on air. 


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